Essay, Analyse The Magazine covers we have studied

Analyse Why The magazine covers you have studied are laid out in the way they are.

The Magazines We Have Chosen are The Big Issue January 30th – February 5th 2017, And the Second One Is May 1st to May 7th 2017.


Magazine Covers always have a Masthead which is the title, and usually have a cover star which is the main picture, and most have a puff which is the main story and usually have a few plugs but not always, there are sometimes also a banner or a skyline , the purpose of the magazine cover is to attract to the main interesting stories and get people to want to read the magazine and get hooked and buy them more and more often.


There Are a lot of problems that are facing the magazine industry a few of them are that there is a decrease of circulation every year and it is around 4%, Another problem is that most of the people who bought physical magazines and read them was in the 1960’s, and they are almost 60-70 years old now and are slowly dying so the circulation is dropping a lot. Magazine Covers Can help some of these issues by Making The covers have a big topic happening at the time like an election or someone really famous dying.


A Puff Is the Main story on the front cover that usually is what a big part of the magazine is about and plugs are little stories that are also interesting and make people want to read it, but they aren’t as big as the puff, The Language Used in a magazine is very important Because For our magazines we have used they are about trying to stop homelessness and they are using short snappy phrases. The Big Issue Promotes Their Ideology Because it is to help The Homeless people / the street sellers make their own money as they aren’t handing out their own money, the sellers have too do work to make their money, They Attract their target consumers by Using Bright Colours, they also Use Big Stories of that week because most people who buy the big issue Are Middle Class People.


There Are Some Similarities Of The Magazine Which are that there aren’t really any cover star images It is mainly a cover Text front cover There is also One Plug On The Front Cover Of the January To February One Which is quite uncommon and there is no plugs on the May Cover which is more uncommon, The Colour Choices are Quite Well Thought out because on the May Cover Its Talking about Britain and uses the colours on the British flag Blue And red Text and a White Background, and the January cover has a contrast in colours By Having a Blue magazine on the Cover And a red Background which makes the blue one stand out more.


The Advantages Of These Choices For promoting their ideology is Because They are Trying to Dismantle poverty and homelessness around the world by creating opportunities for people to self help themselves, the covers for this magazine help that because on one it talks about how many homeless children there are in the United Kingdom and also talks about how the percentage of people who sleep rough is going up every year This Will attract readers to buy the magazine, For The Other cover Its talking about how The people of the united kingdom want a change and how they are going to stand and be part of the activist army. These covers attract Their Target Consumers because people want change because no one wants others to be poor and homeless.


In Conclusion the Main Advantage of the two covers I have studied are that they are just trying to help poverty and stop people from sleeping on the streets, they also just want to boost people up to a level where they can afford to rent a house / roommate with other people so they can apply for a job and start earning a steady wage. They don’t make much profit on the people selling the magazine as they don’t get the 100% interest that the street sellers sell them for, they get their money from advertising so that the sellers can have a small wage until they find a better job.


Essay The Big Issue 2

Magazine Case Study 2 – The Big Issue


The Magazine for My Case Study I have chosen is The Big Issue January 30th of February 2017. The Business model of the magazine is to help street sellers make some money by selling the magazines and keeping the profit And the Business gets most of their money from advertisements. The Social Ideology is to Help Street sellers make money and be able to buy more and sell those.

The layout of this magazine is quite different as the cover of the magazine is someone holding a magazine, and there is no cover star. The main layout of a magazine is to have a big cover star with a Plug and a few puff pieces, It Has a masthead to Show the name of the magazine, and there is sometimes a banner or a skyline.

This Particular magazine confirms that it doesn’t have the traditional layout as it doesn’t have a cover star it has more of a big Puff and 1-2 plugs, there is a Masthead and there is no banner or skyline. The Challenges To Conventional Magazines is that it doesn’t have a skyline or a banner, it also doesn’t have a Cover Star.


The Magazines main concerts and values are to Help the Street sellers Make money by doing a job for the company, they aren’t just handing out money they are getting the street sellers to do something productive to make their own money, The value of the magazine is to try to stop homelessness and give people a start to a new life, the business model is not to make 100% of the profit from selling the magazine and they don’t have to pay a wage to the people selling the magazine, they make their money from the advertisements on the magazine. This Cover promotes their ideology because its talking about poverty and homelessness by saying that there are 120000 homeless children in Britain and there is a rise of 16% of people who are sleeping rough on the streets, it is saying that we the people have the power to try to stop homelessness or at least bring the numbers down.

The target audience of the magazine are the street sellers who buy the magazines for £1.25 and then they sell them for £2.50 which is a 100% increase of what they bought them for. This cover appeals to the magazines target audience because its bright and colorful and the blue contrasts the red, and its got bold writing talking about how we can try to stop poverty and telling us facts about how much poverty is affecting the United Kingdom.

Media Essay The Big Issue

Explain How representations in magazines are chosen to promote the publication?


We Have Chosen the Big Issue for the case Study, The Business Model is that you can’t buy the magazine in shops you can only buy it from the street sellers who buy them to re sell for a profit, the magazine average circulation is 100,000 a week.

The street sellers buy the magazines for £1.25, and then sell the magazines for £2.50 to make a profit as it’s a hand up not a hand out. The company makes around 30% of their revenue from the sales, the rest of their revenue which is 70% comes from the advertisements in the magazine. The industry faces a lot of problems producing magazines because there are a lot of falling sales from customers as most customers who buy magazines are 65+ and a lot of people who were grown up on magazines are dying, there is a fall of around 4% each year, the circulation of the magazine is 100,000 a week. There is a shift in readership because of the internet people no longer need to buy magazines in physical copy because you can buy everything online now a days,

The issue of the big issue we are focussing on is may 1st to may 7th 2017 number 1254. The features on this magazine we are focussing on has a Mast Head, A Puff, A Cover Star and a skyline, its missing the banner and anchorage text and other plugs which is unusual. The Masthead represents the magazines ideology, is that they are called the big issue talking about big issues in their rmagazine and the target audience is more likely to be the working-class people as they walk across streets to get to their jobs. The color scheme of the magazine is Dark Red and Navy Blue which are the colors on the Union Jack Flag, These Colors represent the magazines interests are focussed in Britain.

The Sale Price of the magazine is £2.50 which is 100% more than what the street sellers sell them for, The Street sellers get to keep all the profit them make and they get to keep the tip money they get, The magazine for this ties in with ethical capitalism as its helping people make their own money and also keeping the business in business because if they stopped the street sellers would not be getting an income to keep themselves surviving.

Cover Images usually have a relationship with the content of the magazine because the picture is mainly the biggest story in the magazine, on ordinary magazines it says something like “kylie is having a baby” and that is usually 30% of the magazines content. The images on this magazine is the Big Ben showing that the target audience is directed mainly at people living in London and also people living in the Uk, The other image is an image of 3 fists which resembles rebellion showing that people want a change for England and the Uk and how they aren’t doing what they said they would.

The Main Writing on this cover is the Puff piece which says “We The People Call For Change” it is significant because its basically the only writing on the magazine and that there are no other stories on the cover, it is not typical for a magazine to do this because most magazines want to lure the reader in with interesting stories. The words appeal to the target audience as a lot of them want change and it will be bought by a lot of people who feel like change is needed.



By Max ST Adams

Class Work

1a) Ethical Capitalism has at least 2 essential ingredients, it focuses on creating long term economic and social value, and its committed by businesses.

  1. b) It Will feature adverts and a lot of things that are happening in the news of today so people will actually buy it as they would be interested.


2a) ideology is a system of ideals, most likely one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy

2b) My Political ideology is The Labor Party




3b) The Cover in june 2016 attracted an audience because there was an election at the time and it would most likely tell you about who each person was and their chances of winning

Big Issue Work

Who Is The Big Issue? The Big Issue Is a Charity For The Homeless where they Sell Magazines for half of what the homeless people sell them for. founded by John Bird and Gordon Roddick

Year Of 1st Publication? September 1991

Circulation Numbers? around 100,000 copies of the big issue are sold each week

Types of Publisher/Values/principles? the objectives of the big issue is to support big issue vendors in the self help process of buying and selling the big issue magazine.

Where is it published? it is published in more that 120 countries, a few are Australia, Japan, South Africa, Korea, Kenya, etc.

Distributed method/target audience? the target audience of the big issue is pretty much everyone as its helping the homeless people, and the distribute method is for the homeless people to buy them for £1.25 and sell them for £2.50 and keep their own profit

Key Terms & Magazine Analysis

Masthead – title of the magazine

Plug – text that plugs a feature that will appear inside the magazine

Puff – a story that is given prominence on the cover

CoverStar – The Star featured on the cover

Anchorage text – the text that anchors the main image and gives it context/meaning

Banner – Text that runs across the lower section of the cover.

Skyline text that runs across the top of the cover